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Oventrop is one of the leading European manufacturers of valves and controls for the building services industry. Family-owned since its establishment as a foundry in 1851, Oventrop has continued to focus on innovation and quality in its facilities. Oventrop offers a full line of thermostatic radiator valves and controls, pressure independent control valves, and hydronic balancing valves.


(2-way control valve + balancing valve + differential pressure regulator)

The pressure independent control valve “Cocon QTZ” is designed to be installed in heating and cooling systems (e.g. central or underfloor heating systems, fan coil units, chilled ceilings, fan convectors etc.) with closed circuits for automatic flow control (hydronic balancing). It can also be used for the control of another variable (e.g. room temperature) by modifying the flow rate with the help of actuators, thermostats or temperature controllers.

The pressure independent control valve “Cocon QTZ” with automatic flow control is a valve combination consisting of a flow regulator and a regulating valve. The nominal value of the flow regulator can be set with the help of an easily accessible handwheel.


If the hydronic balance of such installations has not been carried out at all or not been carried out correctly, malfunctions of the devices for the protection of the water in circulation installations will arise.

This malfunction shall be avoided by use of the regulating valve “Aquastrom T plus” for hot water circulation pipes with its device for thermal disinfection.


The Oventrop “Brawa-Mix 97” Thermostatic mixing valve features a stepless manual adjustment of the temperature of mixed water for domestic use, and is particularly suitable for use in Hospitals, Schools, Nursing Homes and other care situations.


Advantages of using Brawamix Sizes DN 20 / DN 25 / DN 32