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A Revolutionary Alternative to Chemical Treatment

Bacteria, Scale and Corossion

Flow-Tech History

Developed from years of research in cooperation with a team of top petro-chemical engineers and scientists.

With over 50 years combined experience, the team at Flow-Tech Systems has designed a system which increases operational efficiencies by reducing microbial contamination, scale deposition, corrosion, and potential health and safety problems.

Unlike other chemical and physical water treatment systems on the market, Flow-Tech Systems has invented a proprietary method of treating all of the water throughout your plumbing system, whether the water is moving or not.

Flow-Tech Hardware


How Does It Works?

The system generates a weak AC current – this electrical field is conducted into the water loop header and throughout the piping network to form homogeneous calcium seed crystals that simply remain in suspension. These suspended seed crystals will eventually settle out or pass through the system without adhering to the heated surfaces.

Flow-Tech is the only system on the market that maintains measurable signal strength throughout your entire plumbing system, regardless of flow.

What Does it do?

  • Scaling - Prevents scale
  • Biological - Reduces bacteria and biofilm
  • Corrosion – Creates a less corrosive environment

Benefits of using Flow-Tech

Why Flow-Tech ? Why Does Traditional Water Treatment Fail? What Does Flow-Tech Eliminates ?
Protects equipment More failure points Ordering, storing, moving, and handling of toxic chemicals
Reduces equipment failures Multiple chemicals needed / chemical needs change Special gloves, clothing, goggles, and eye wash stations
Reduces downtime Many moving parts / small pumps fail MSDS records and storage paperwork
Reduces labor spent on maintenance Increased blowdown dramatically increases chemical consumption Risks of injury and environmental liability due to chemical spills
Chemicals run out Chemical containment areas
Poor choice of program chemistry Eye wash stations
Operating above saturation point causes scale formation Hazmat training
Injection pumps

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