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    Klimaanlage Solutions
    Keeping the environment clean is our moto and it is visible throughout our services and products.
Klimaanlage Solutions was established in 2014, as a solution provider in the field of MEP.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to offer our services to HVAC&R sector industries, using modern technologies integrated with innovation and adherence to international standards, by providing technical guidance and support from inception to complete installation and maintenance of various components and systems.

We have built our vision on our core beliefs and values and we help transform our client’s business using the same core principles.

Our Values

Client knows the best. We work exclusively to build solutions that provide best products and services.

Once is forever. We believe in relationships nurtured with trust that could benefit us and our customers in the long run. Being transparent and ethical has helped us beg many projects and add to our learning curve.

Quality and teamwork are our benchmark and core strength.

What we do?

We at Klimaanlage, are a service provider in the field of MEP specializing in HVAC. We take care of everything from concept to completion.

Our team of experts, is proficient in adding life to our client’s thoughts. We look at the world through their eyes and that’s how we understand our customers so well. We are not only building air conditioned building.

Klimaanlage Solutions


Our company is associated with leading OEMs from across the world to provide top of the line solutions to all our customers.

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We believe that to stop is to cease to exist. Therefore, we are always striving to identify the techniques and technological changes that would help to solve a problem in the best possible manner with limited resources. We believe in fresh thinking and ideas that could lead to improvements in productivity and cost savings.

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We believe in nurturing relationship with effort and dedication. And no relationship can ever exist without trust. To succeed positive attitude is very important and trust plays a vital role in all business relationships. Our team at Klimaanlage ensures that our dedication is evident through our commitment and work.

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We are a global business and we understand the importance of respect while working in a diverse environment. Our team ensures that we totally understand our customers and proceed as per their requirements, in their best interest while respecting the core values that our company has laid down for all its employees.

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Time is money. However, for us, time is also an opportunity. Believe us when we say that every second our representative spends in your company, would be an experience in itself. We value your time like ours. Our experts define a plan that provides best results with minimum expense of time.

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